Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Never Make a Decision When You’re at the Bottom of a Hill

I went running a few weeks ago with a friend and I was struggling.  I mean REALLY struggling.  She is a very good runner and I am a very inconsistent therefore pitiful runner at best.  We were nearing 1.75 miles and I was losing steam quickly especially as I looked ahead to a small hill that was approaching.  I wanted to stop, but she said firmly,

“Never make a decision when you’re at the bottom of a hill.”

Now, we’re not talking about running any more.  We’re talking about LIFE.

How many times have we been in a bad place at the bottom of a hill and tried to make a decision only to find it was a bad one made out of desperation?  When I am at a low spot for whatever reason - I make terrible decisions.  If I only had a little patience.. and persevered… and got over the hill… which requires patience… and I lack patience… and I need to be patient and stay the course… which requires patience…

Get my drift?

If we stay the course when a hill approaches, and work a little harder, before we know it we’re over the hill!  It’s cool to look back at our hills when we’re on the other side and high-five ourselves for making it!

You CAN’T QUIT when it gets tough – that’s when you KEEP GOING!! Hills make us stronger!

Every time I come to that spot on the road at the bottom of the hill, I think about my friend and I smile.  

Bring on the HILLS!!

P.S. If you like country music, this is a GREAT song! "Mountains" by Lonestar


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