Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Push your groove button!

Sustainable spiritual growth only happens when we do whatever it is that grows us closer to God with and through the Spirit.  Those things are different for each of us (because we are his masterpieces and uniquely made), and different for me as well in different seasons of my life.  Sometimes it is prayer in solitude, and sometimes TobyMac pushes my groove button.  At times, I sit with my Bible and nothing seems to grab me – other times a quick YouTube video from a favorite pastor brings me closer to God. Sometimes it is serving.  We can’t just think of going to church, reading our Bibles and such as the ONLY way to grow closer to God.  These are important, but not THE only thing. The Holy Spirit is all around us! 
Here are some of the things that push my groove button:

Prayer in solitude
Prayer with a friend
Prayer with several friends
TobyMac, Needtobreathe, Casting Crowns
Reading my Bible
Reading my Amish books (love those!)
Going to church
lifechurch.tv podcasts
Camping - being outdoors
Running, biking, yard work (seriously)
Serving the poor
Lively conversations with Christian friends
Encouraging a hurting heart
Watching my kids sleep
Watching my kids play
Watching my kids eat
Watching my kids pray
Making up rhyming words that end in -ay
Family shin digs

What pushes YOUR groove button?  What gets you flowing with the Spirit?


  1. Reading a good book (first pick...The Bible)
    Spending family time.
    Spending Jesus girls time.
    Hiking with the hubby.
    Doing ANYTHING in Hocking Hills. I love that place!
    Planning and GOING on vacations.
    Music, music, music.
    SInging in the shower or on the treadmill (only when I'm home alone)
    Date nights with the hubby.
    Going to church.

  2. Excellent, Pam! Whatever brings you closer to God - do it! And, we can be accountable to each other when we are lost and renmind each other what our groove buttons are when we forget ourselves. :)