Sunday, February 12, 2012

I feel like Jacob

About two weeks ago I developed this weird pain in my right hip than runs to the back of my knee.  At first I thought it was ITBS, but it's not the outside of my knee so I need to figure out what this is.  I like to self diagnose by researching like crazy although I may need to make a visit to my Orthopedic doctor very soon if this doesn't go away.

At the same time, I really feel God working on me in a way that has not yet been revealed to me.  I pray everyday for Him to burden my heart with the passion to serve Him in some way, or someone to share the gospel with, or some way to glorify Him.  "Please God, lay on my heart where you want me to testify for your glory."  It's still not clear right now, but when it is - He will reveal Himself.  He is working hard on me right now, and the Holy Spirit is closeby me.  I feel like a kid at Christmas when I am going through one of these times.  I am very excited to serve!

This morning, I got on my treadmill for the first time in a week.  (I've had a yucky cold for 2 weeks.)  My hip was hurting within the first minute of my run.  I started to think about Jacob in Genesis as he wrestled with God.  I don't feel like I am resisting God right now, but rather trying to understand where He is leading me.  Regardless, as I though about my hip hurting, I though about God and where He wants to take me.  I quit running at 1.86 miles because I might have an injury that I need to address, but nonetheless - God had my full attention.

For me, this means, "Be still."  I need to consciously shut down noise wherever possible to pray and pay attention.  It's not about hearing God, it's about listening to God.       

Do you ever experience intense callings from God - sometimes stronger than other times?  Please share with me! 


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  1. Absolutely! It's all about peace. If what we're hearing is confusing or puts us in some kind of tail spin, then it's the enemy talking, not God. The enemy LOVES to get us distracted and he'll do it anyway he can. He's even clever enough to subtly attack you when you're trying to accomplish some kind of goal, and fitness goals are no different. I love the endorphins that kick in after a workout, but as good as that feels, it's not the same as the peace that comes from hearing God. Keep listening sister! He loves you !