Friday, February 1, 2013

Be REAL to be REALLY loved

On the outside, I look like a good Jesus Girl (or at least I think I do).  On the inside, sometimes there is a different girl afraid that she will not be loved “if they knew the truth.”  I’m not talking all the time, but sometimes when I am struggling with sin.  Yes, sin.  We all sin. I know it’s a dirty word.

A few months ago, I confided in a Christian girlfriend about a sin that I was struggling with.  Keeping it inside made me feel miserable and alone, but I was too ashamed to tell anyone in fear of being unloved.    You know what she said after I told her about this struggle?  “Jenni, I struggled with that too.  I know how you feel.”  It was like she took a ton of bricks off my shoulders.  I thought I was the only bad Jesus girl.  Jesus girls want to say the right Jesus things and do the right Jesus things and wear the right Jesus things and listen to the right Jesus music and project the perfect Jesus image.  But sin creeps in and we freak out and try to hide it because we are Jesus girls.  We are not supposed to sin.
Who doesn’t love a good Jesus girl? But will they love a bad Jesus girl (past or present)?
I know that by confessing my sins to God I will be forgiven.  But, there is incredible power in confession to a fellow Christian.  What I thought would make her think less of me actually brought us closer together.  I’m not proud that we both shared the same sin, but it felt so good to be real.  In being real, our bond strengthened. 
“Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.  The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” – James 5:16
Confession brought out loving support – not judgment or disgust.   We prayed together which brough about wonderful results.  She was able to love me more because she knew me more.  You can only be loved as much as you are known.  Likewise, I love her more because I know her more.  
So to be REALLY loved, we need to be REALLY real.



  1. 100% right on. thanks Jen for being real with me. That is why I love you!

  2. You know me and you love me anyways. That is a TRUE friend! Thanks for a fun night out!

  3. And for the tough love on getting my prayers straight. I needed that! xo