Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pretty panties

In the bottom drawer of my dresser is a nice collection of pretty panties with the tags still on them that I have never worn.  In my top dresser drawer are the ho-hum everyday panties that I wear on a daily basis.

What in the world am I saving all of these pretty panties for?  I probably have 20 pairs of brand new pretty panties in there, and I wear boring panties every single day!    

Because I WAS saving them for a special occasion.  Marriage.
It appears that is not going to happen for me, so I have decided to reward my weight loss milestones with new pretty panties.  Quite honestly, I would rather be slim, trim, and single in pretty panties than being married anyways.  Yes – I am going through one of my “man hater” stages.  Don’t worry though, it will pass.  I’m a lover to my very core.  Just a stage, friends.   
I have lost eight pounds since the first of the year.  I started out on fire, but my weight loss has slowed down with the winter blahs, changing my workout to include weight lifting, and a sick family (including myself for the past three days).  Currently, I am teetering on one of those scale numbers that end in a zero.  There is something so magical about dropping down below that mark.  When I do – I am breaking out a pair of those new pretty panties or two, then again in five more pounds, then again the next five, and then the last five I get the whole drawer full and will throw out my top drawer of ho-hum panties and start collecting something new.  Not panties though.
It’s like the good dining room dishes.  What are we saving them for!?  Isn’t everyday a good enough reason to celebrate and break out the good dishes?
Enough ho-hum panties for this girl!  It’s time to break out the pretty panties!
YOLO!! (you only live once)


  1. OMGoodness sweet hysterical Jenni!! Totally busted out a laugh, yet got the seriousness of the true meaning. Oh yes dear friend this too shall pass, like the stubborn weight clinging to our rear & thighs! I say we celebrate YOU, right smack where YOU are, where God has you for HIS purpose :) Forget the scale girlfriend & break open the pretty panties! You can always buy a new bra when you drop below the 0! LOL!

  2. I broke the "0" this morning! Celebration time with a pair of lavendar silky pretty panties! :) Someday, God willing, I will have a husband who will get to see my pretty panties AND a smokin' hot body to go with them! ;) In the meantime, I will wear my pretty panties for ME because they make me happy and remind me that I am right smack where I am for God's purpose. And that's okie dokie with me! Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. xo