Friday, March 1, 2013

Running is so pretty – take boob sweat, for example

Runner girls, you know you know.  J

Or how about when Aunt Flo decides to join you for a run?  Ugh!!
And for my cold weather runner friends, the ever-so-lovely snoticles.
Pit stops wherever whenever. (I always carry toilet paper in my waist pouch for such occasions.)

Chafing under the boobies (I love you, Body Glide!)
And the callouses and blisters on your feet.
I have never lost a toenail, but it’s very common.  Gross.
Passing gas.  Oops!  Excuse me!

Running isn’t always so pretty, but there are definitely some VERY pretty benefits of running like:
Tight, narrower hips
Strong, shapely legs
A healthy heart
Clear skin with pink cheeks

Mental therapy as your mind totally escapes

Prayer time
Accomplishing a goal

I find it amusing when I tell people that I run.
Other runners will ask what shoes I wear, what races I am registered for, or PR (personal record) stuff.  There is an instant camaraderie amongst runners whether they are a 5 or 15 minute mile runner.  (I’m a 10:20 runner consistently, so not very fast but I do it anyways.)  Runners can talk and talk and talk about running.
I love the reaction of non-runners when I tell them that I run. They usually go into a diatribe about their bad knees.  Bad knees seem to be a common ailment amongst non-runners.  Occasionally they just plain state that they hate running, but it’s usually something about their knees.
Whether you run or not, I hope you are doing something healthy for your body and your heart.  It’s important to move your body in whatever way you like – just do something!  If you want to try running, get yourself a good, sturdy bra to prevent injuries, some decent shoes to prevent injuries, and try a plan like the Couch to 5k plan or look into Jeff Galloway     
Bring on the boob sweat!



  1. Girl! You are TOO funny! I don't run, but I do mountain & street bike so have shamelessly experienced all those beautiful moments :) Thanks for starting my Saturday with a laugh!

  2. As if you can't tell... I'm getting my groove back! Woo hoo!!! I want to get into biking too. Do you post your rides? I would love to follow along with your workouts. My old bike is fron San Francisco 1991. Last summer I went 50 miles on it one day and my rear end hasn't been the same since! :)