Saturday, March 10, 2012

How can I pray for you?

I have a little black prayer book that I write down my prayers in.  I started this January 1, 2010 and let me tell you – this little black book sure has a story to tell!  I look back through it and see God’s hand in my life and how the pieces of His plan for me have fit together beautifully over the past two years.  My prayer book tells a sweet story.  Some people that I prayed for are no longer in my life for various reasons.  Some have become my closest friends.  Some situations that I prayed about seem so insignificant now, but I took them to God at some point because I needed clarity or peace.  Some prayers were answered already, and some may never be.  Some prayers are ongoing.  I pray for people who don’t even know that I pray for them.  I pray for the President of the United States, our Pastor and church staff, my boss, the homeless, and the jobless.  I pray for my wasband.  I pray for my eating, running, money, and full surrender in all of my relationships.  I pray for my MBA alumni by name, and I pray for my creativity to make our home beautiful on a tight budget.  I pray for a calm and gentle heart.  I pray for His will to be done in my life.   
When I tell you, “I will pray for you” – I really mean it.  I write it down so that I don’t forget because my memory isn’t so good these days.  (I often say, “When I pushed out my kids - I pushed out my brains!”  Moms, I am sure you can relate to some degree.  We have so much on our minds with kids, work, households, etc. that it’s just hard to remember stuff!)  Please don’t tell people that you will pray for them if you really are not going to.  In my opinion, “I’ll pray for you” is thrown around too often without sincerity.  Our Pastor suggested a prayer calendar; write down the names of people, Pastors, missionaries, etc. to be sure not to forget them.  Plan your prayers.  Whatever it takes, the important thing is to take time to pray.  Talk to God.  Often. 

I also feel that it is important to take time to kneel in prayer.  This helps me to stay focused when I pray.  I kneel with my little black prayer book and pour my heart out to God.  Sometimes I cry, but I always feel a bit closer to God with each conversation.  I look at it this way: if I received a call from a stranger, I would not know who they were and would not recognize their voice simply because we don’t know each other.  We do not have a relationship.  I want to know God’s voice when He calls me.  I want to recognize that it is Him speaking to me in His way.  I can only recognize His voice if I already know him and we have a relationship.  Make sense? 
I REALLY REALLY love to hear my kids pray!  It is like sweet music to my ears when they pour their little hearts out to God with complete confidence that God hears them.  And they will pray with their children someday.... 

So – how can I pray for you?  I promise - I'll write it in my little black prayer book so that I don't forget!  


  1. Hi Jenni, What a beautiful post. I have long wanted to start a prayer journal and never have. I find writing out my prayers helps me. But I would think it is such a blessing to look through years of prayers to see how God answered. That must be such a gift. Thanks for the inspiration to start one!!

  2. My whole heart is recorded in that little black book. Right after I started my prayer book, my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer and died 6 months later. During that time, I prayed for his salvation - and I believe, with all of my heart, that my dad is with Jesus. My prayer was answered! Now I record the celebrations like birthdays, Father's Day, etc. that my dad gets to spend in heaven. When I tell someone that I'll pray for them, I take it very seriously! When I go back and ask them about whatever it was they wanted me to pray for them about, they about fall over because I remembered. I would not have remembered if I didn't write it down. I'm a mom. My brain is full, so I can't remember anything if I don't write it down! I know you know!:) Just jot things down when they come to your mind. You will be suprised when you look back and see God's master plan unfold! xo