Monday, January 30, 2012

My favorite Things Monday – Road trips!

One of my Jesus Girls (Laura) and I went to Winterjam 2012 last night in Cleveland and had soooo much fun driving and chatting all the way down the turnpike (both ways).  PLUS, we got to see one of MY favorite bands, Sanctus Real, and one of HER favorite bands, Skillet.  We packed turkey sandwiches, fruit, chips, and water and calculated and recorded our calories to and fro.  We spent $10 each to get into the show, $10 to park, plus gas and tolls.  It was a very cheap night out and boy oh boy did we enjoy ourselves!  As I drove into Cleveland, I thought to myself, “Self. Why don’t you get out of Dodge more often?”  So I need to do this more, and more with my kids.  We need to go places more often.  We don’t have to spend much money, we just need to see new stuff every once in a while.  maybe I need to come up with a theme - like cities that start with A, B, C.... or bridges, or old schoolhouses, pizza joints, or something my kids will have fun with.



  1. Road Trips to Concerts top my all-time favorites list! Last year, my 2 favorite road trips were: Taking all my boys on a SURPRISE Road Trip to see TobyMac, with Brandon Heath. It was awesome - my kids knew the words to all the songs and we were so close, we could touch the stage! ; 2nd favorite road trip, my good friend treated me to a Bon Jovi concert! That's right, you love your Whitesnake, I love my Jon Bon Jovi! We both took the day off work and we hit EVERY SINGLE second-hand store we could find between Findlay and Columbus. We came home happy to have seen Jon Bon Jovi AND with a new wardrobe for under 20 bucks!!! Good times! :)

  2. I would love road trips with you! We need to take one on our bikes sometime this summer!