Monday, January 23, 2012

My Favorite Things Monday. You dig?

Here’s my new Monday theme – My Favorite Things Monday!  (Please don’t tell Oprah.  This “favorite things” idea was hers first.  It can be our little secret.)  Mondays are pretty stinky, quite honestly.  I mean, it’s so hard to get back to work after a fun weekend.  Getting back to the grind is not too fun, is it?  So, on Mondays I am going to share with you a little something-something that I love.  Something that makes me happy.  I want you to give me your ideas too!  It can be anything, but just to warn you, my topics may center on girly-girl things or sweet peanut buttery deliciousness.  Just so you know - I love bling.  And peanut butter. 
I absolutely love love love short well-manicured fingernails with fresh bright polish.  OPI nail polish  is my favorite because of the cool names like “I’m Really Not a Waitress,” but I have found the Orly brand at Sally’s to be very durable and a few bucks less.  My favorite color is Bus Stop Crimson.  I trim my cuticles, buff my nails, and file my nails short so that they are all the same length before I paint my nails.  Remember to start with a good basecoat and always use a fast drying top coat.  My absolute favorite topcoat is SecheVite Dry Fast Top Coat which can also be found at Sally’s.  It’s about $7, but worth every penny.  You can paint your fingernails before bed, apply the topcoat, and then go to bed.  Your nails will dry super fast and you won’t end up with blanket marks on your nails. It also makes your polish last longer.  Plus, painted nails make my hands less dry.  I don’t know why, but it’s true.    

What are some of your favorite things? 


  1. Fresh coffee with sugar-free vanilla creamer....YUM!

    I also have three bracelets that I wear when I want a boost for the day. The first I received as a gift for my 40th birthday from a good friend. It has different types of silver crosses on it and reminds me that God is with me wherever I go. The second, my sister made for me which reminds me that family is so important. The third is a bracelet I purchased in Honduras while on a mission trip. It reminds me that there are always others that need my help.

    And these are a few of my favorite

  2. I love coffee too! That first sip in the morning is divine. Will you wear your bracelets Wednesday?