Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The secret to having it all... is knowing that you already do!

Something that I do personally, as well as with my kids, is to write down three things in a journal every day that I am grateful for.  I call it my “Gratitude Journal.”  My kids and I recently looked back at our family journal and were so sweetly reminded of some special times: like when Jami wrote that she lost her first tooth, and that Kyle was grateful for Duke (our cat), and that I was thankful for a new kitchen gadget (go figure!).  In my personal journal, I’ve noticed that I have noted (more and more often) feelings of peace as the years increase since my divorce, and comfort with small things like coffee with a girlfriend or making homemade noodles for the first time.  We sometimes get so hung-up on the things we don’t have (like a man in our life, or endless bank balance, or help around the house) but truly forget to be grateful for what we already have. Special moments. Things we love. What makes us tick.  I pray, dear Sisters, that you always have food in your bellies and a safe roof over your heads.  Above that, I pray that you see God’s blessings all around you and feel His love.  Look at the sunset, check out the stars some night, light a candle in quietness and be still for just a moment and take some time to tell God what you are grateful for.

I encourage each of you to list three things every day that you are thankful for.  What are you most thankful for today?  Please share with me!     

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